Fadeless® White, Dot Day Bulletin Board

3-4 hours

Dot Day BB

Dot Day is celebrated in over 190 countries and is based on the book by Peter H. Reynolds. The book celebrates creativity and courage, and this bulletin board is a great way to bring the lessons of the book to life. Your students can help to build this beautiful bulletin board.

Step 1

Cover bulletin board with White Fadeless® Paper. To do this, first cut enough paper to cover the board. Find the center of the paper you’ve cut. Roll in edges in and secure the bottom of the rolls with binder clips. Start securing the paper to the board by stapling at the top center. Roll the paper out to the left, stapling as you go. Roll out the remainder of the paper to the right stapling across the top. Then staple down the sides and bottom, smoothing the paper as you go along. Cut off excess paper around edges. (For our “How to” video go to: youtu.be/0BW84xgH3fo). Then attach Black Bordette® around edges.

Step 2

Next prepare bulletin board components. Cut 70-75 circles total in 6", 8" and 10" sizes out of Creativity Street® Double-Sided Craft Paper. Paint each dot with Prang® Tempera Paint. Attach dried dots to bulletin board, overlapping them as they sweep across the board and over the edges.

Step 3

Then enlarge letter templates 300% and cut from Black Pacon® Card Stock. Or if using a Cricut use our files at: bit.ly/3pSWmdN. Attach letters to the board.

Step 4

Lastly, on White Fadeless® Paper, paint or draw with a black marker a large-scale dot day character from the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. Attach to the board.

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