Fadeless® Watercolor, Be the Sunshine Bulletin Board

3-4 Hours

Be the Sunshine

This is a fun way to involve your students in creating an inspirational bulletin board for your classroom. They will have the opportunity to create their own individual suns using watercolors and permanent marker. The suns can be created to the size you need depending on the amount of children in your classroom and the space available on your board.

Step 1

Cover bulletin board with Watercolor Fadeless® Paper. To do this, first cut enough paper to cover the board. Find the center of the paper you’ve cut. Roll in edges in and secure at the bottom of the rolls with binder clips. Start securing the paper to the board by stapling at the top center. Roll the paper out to the left or right, stapling as you go. Roll out the remainder of the paper to the other side stapling across the top. Then staple down the sides and bottom, smoothing the paper as you go along. Cut off excess paper around edges. (For our “How to” video go to: youtu.be/0BW84xgH3fo).

Step 2

Prepare bulletin board components. Print the letters at 200% and cut away the excess paper, or use the Cricut link to use a Cricut to cut the letters: bit.ly/42doxFi. Glue or double-side tape the letters to the UCreate® Premium Poster Board and cut away the excess board, leaving approximately a 1-1/2 inch white margin around the letters. Staple the poster board to the bulletin board.

Step 3

To complete the suns, have your students use Prang® Oval 8 Watercolors to paint suns on the UCreate® Watercolor Paper. They should use red, orange and yellow to create large circles on the paper. They can work to fill the whole page with watercolor. After the watercolor paint is dry, using a black permanent marker, have the children draw suns with faces on their papers. When the ink has dried, have them cut out their suns. Staple the completed suns to the board.

Step 4

To complete the board, tape or glue the Brite Blue Bordette® on the left and right edges. Tape or glue Magenta Bordette® on top and bottom edges and trim the excess to create angled corners.

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