Fadeless® Inspired by Schoolgirl Style™ BFF Painted Dot, You Are Inspiring Bulletin Board

3 - 4 hours

You Are Inspiring BB

This simple SEL bulletin board is easy to create, and because it is made with Fadeless and Tru-Ray papers, it will last all year long! Use this board as a lesson to teach your students how every student has something unique that leaves an impact on others.


• BFF Painted Dot Fadeless® Inspired by Schoolgirl Style™ Paper, 48" x 12', #P0040088 or 48" x 50', #P0040085

UCreate® Premium Poster Board, White, 22" x 28"', #PCAR12277

Bordette® Decorative Border, 2-1/4" x 50', Canary, #P0037084

Bordette® Decorative Border, 2-1/4" x 50', Flame, #P0037034

Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, 12" x 18", Vibrant Assorted, #P102941

Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, 12" x 18", Black, #P103061

Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, 12" x 18", White, #P103058

Prang® Clear Glue Stick, #X15083

• Double-sided Tape

• Stapler


Cricut machine (optional)

Step 1

Cover bulletin board with Painted Dot Fadeless® Inspired By Schoolgirl Style Paper. To do this, first cut enough paper to cover the board. Find the center of the paper you’ve cut. Roll in edges in and secure at the bottom of the rolls with binder clips. Start securing the paper to the board by stapling at the top center. Roll the paper out to the left or right, stapling as you go. Roll out the remainder of the paper to the other side stapling across the top. Then staple down the sides and bottom, smoothing the paper as you go along. Cut off excess paper around edges. (For our “How to” video go to: youtu.be/0BW84xgH3fo).

Step 2

Prepare bulletin board components. First either print the letters and cut out of Tru-Ray® Black Construction Paper at 100% or, if using a Cricut, use our file at bit.ly/3ni6i2C. Attach the letters to the UCreate® Premium Poster Board using double-sided tape. Then cut 1" strips from the Tru-Ray® Vibrant Construction Paper, frame the poster board and tape to the bulletin board.

Step 3

Print the inspirational words on Tru-Ray® White Construction Paper at 200% and cut the excess paper away. Then glue them to the Tru-Ray® Vibrant Construction Paper. Leave approximately a 1/4" border around the edges and trim away the excess paper. Attach the words to the board randomly using double-sided tape.

Step 4

Lastly, to complete the board, tape or glue Flame Bordette® around edges. Layer Canary Bordette® on top of the Flame Bordette®.

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