Fadeless® Galaxy, Moon Phases Bulletin Board

2 - 3 hours

Moon Phases BB

Explore the Moon’s phases and immerse your students in an out-of-this-world bulletin board that keeps them engaged in learning about the sun-moon-system, seasons and more! For a supplementary hands-on approach to this content check out our Moon Phase Mobile lesson plan at: pacon.com/projects/moon-phase-mobile.html

Step 1

Cover bulletin board with Galaxy Fadeless® Designs Paper. To do this, first cut enough paper to cover the board. Find the center of the paper you’ve cut. Roll in edges in and secure at the bottom of the rolls with binder clips. Start securing the paper to the board by stapling at the top center. Roll the paper out to the left, stapling as you go. Roll out the remainder of the paper to the right stapling across the top. Then staple down the sides and bottom, smoothing the paper as you go along. Cut off excess paper around edges. (For our “How to” video go to: youtu.be/0BW84xgH3fo). Attach Brite Blue Bordette® Decorative Border around the left and top edges.

Step 2

Next, create a natural wave pattern roughly 28" x 18" with UCreate® P5329-1 Light Blue Poster Board. Create a second smaller natural wave (roughly 18" x 15') with UCreate® P5321-1 Blue Poster Board. Glue or staple to the background. Over the top of this finish attaching the Brite Blue Bordette® Decorative Border around right and bottom edges.

Step 3

Next prepare bulletin board components (download Moon Phase words, Arrows, Waves). Enlarge each template 200% and cut from Tru-Ray® Construction Paper. Also, create the Earth (7"), Sun (8") Moon phases (3"). Or if using a Cricut use our files* at: bit.ly/3LnSsSs. Then cut 1" squares from UCreate® Foam board and attach to the backs of the Moon phases before attaching them to the board to create a 3D appearance. Attach all components to the board.

* Cricut charges may apply.

Step 4

Final steps, download and enlarge poster template 400%. Print out or cut from 12" x 18" Creativity Street® Metallic Craft Paper and attach to the board.

Step 5

Optional: Kids can engage with this board if you create a QR code(s) directing them to your current science curriculum standards. Or download the QR code we’ve created for: solarsystem.nasa.gov/moons/earths-moon/lunar-phases-and-eclipses/. Print and attach to the board. Along with the “Scan Me” conversation bubble. Enlarge 200% and cut from Tru-Ray® Construction Paper.

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