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Student Fidgeting in the Classroom

How classroom fidgets and classroom décor can help fidgeting students

For teachers, one thing is certain: there will always be students who fidget, squirm and wriggle. Many of these students simply have higher energy levels than their classmates and don’t get the opportunity to expend it all during recess or lunch. Children fidget for many reasons. Some do it because they’re bored but things like anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, and attention problems can all lead to fidgeting.

The fact is some people learn better on the move! How many adults do you know who doodle or move around the room when on an important phone call or working to solve a problem? Students are no different… many of them draw energy from motion and activity.

There are numerous classroom management techniques to help manage these active learners. Brain breaks and establishing a consistent routine are often helpful. Many teachers will distribute fidgets (sometimes called sensory gadgets or concentration tools) to students to help them focus. Items like stress balls, Velcro manipulatives, and resistance bands can be effective management tools to help students focus while not distracting other students. Teachers should only use items that are quiet and safe and can be used without looking so the student can concentrate on the lesson.

In addition to manipulatives, many teachers use other tools to address the needs of children who need a release for their excess energy and classroom décor can play a big part.

Temper the squirm by creating spaces or zones in the classroom that give students the chance to burn some energy, and, by doing so, improve their focus and ability to learn, recall, and retain information.

One example is creating a de-Stress wall in your room. Our Fadeless® Designs Bulletin Board Paper, White Subway Tile, is the featured background for this bulletin board. The center design is drawn with a black permanent marker on our GoWrite!® Dry Erase Board. With its self-adhesive backing, it sticks directly to the bulletin board and can be colored in with Dixon® Dry Erase Markers. Other products featured on this board are our Bordette® Brite Blue Decorative Border, UCreate® 4 inch Blue Self-Adhesive Vinyl Letters and tassels made from Violet, Nile Green, Canary, Brite Blue and Flame Fadeless® Paper.

The Destress Wall Bulletin Board

Whether it’s classroom décor, manipulatives, or other management tools, it’s important to understand the needs of individual students and provide resources and solutions to optimize their learning.

Visit the Fadeless Bulletin Board Inspiration page here for more ideas on how your classroom environment can help address fidgeting in your classroom.


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