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Spring Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

Some DIY Spring Décor Ideas that Will Teach Your Children About Spring

Research suggests the extended daylight brought by the advent of spring can boost mood and energy. One theory is that dopamine – the chemical in our brains that promotes pleasure, motivation, confidence, and memory – increases with more exposure to sunlight.

Take advantage of this enthusiasm by creating a classroom environment that promotes Spring and features fun lessons about the incredible growth and renewal the season brings. Check out the beautiful 3D flowers on this board, made from our KolorFast® Tissue Flower Kit.

If your school provides tablets for student learning, consider placing scannable QR codes on your boards and walls that link to additional information about Spring. Topics like how flowers bloom, why there is more daylight, animals coming out of hibernation and migratory birds returning home are all great examples of lessons about Spring sure to delight young minds. Creating a QR code only takes a minute and you can find out how to generate one here.

Here's a fun board celebrating Earth Day and you can link it to a lesson with a QR code about the history of Earth Day

And here’s a board that’s sure to create a lot of buzz and it’s ready to go for Spring with the QR codes active!

Fadeless® Bulletin Board Paper can be a great foundation for your Spring decor. Fadeless® Bulletin Board Paper colors perfect for Spring include canary, nile green, pink , lite blue, and lime, [please reference the 2022 catalog for current colors and designs] or use Fadeless® Designs Bulletin Board Paper like Tropical Foliage, Clouds, Mint Shiplap, and Color Wash Turquoise.

So as April Showers turn into May flowers, prepare your classroom to welcome the beautiful changes occurring all around us. For additional inspiration, check out the Fadeless Paper Inspiration Gallery.

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