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Creating a Word Collector Bulletin Board with Kristin from School and the City

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"As an instructional coach, I try to find fun but simple ways to add a little more literacy to students’ lives. I’ve created a few literacy-related bulletin boards in common spaces around the school. This new board is one of my favorites… Let me tell you all about it! I had an idea for a new board concept, but like any good idea, I needed a strong foundation. I learned the hard way last year that regular butcher paper just doesn’t cut it when it comes to bulletin boards in busy hallways. These bulletin boards are exposed to direct sunlight and hundreds of hands every single day. By the end of the year, they were barely hanging on. I had an idea for a new board concept, but like any good idea, I needed a strong foundation.

This time around, I knew better. What could I use instead to create a beautiful bulletin board that would look
just as beautiful by the time May rolls around?

Fadeless Paper

Fadeless paper is high-quality, fade-resistant paper. It won’t fade after a month or so of sunlight exposure
like typical butcher paper will. It’s also so thick that it doesn’t rip nearly as easily, either!

I’m confident that a board decorated with Fadeless paper and Bordette will hold strong alllll year, so I know
my time and energy making it is well-spent.

Fadeless Paper

Now, what to put on it?

For the bigger kids, it’s vocabulary!

If you haven’t already, check outThe Word Collector by Peter Reynolds, which is about a boy who collects words.

I thought an interactive,Word Collector-themed bulletin board would be an engaging and purposeful addition
to the upper grades’ hallways. Students can add exciting words as they come across them in books!

I made a template then created a few prototypes with my students to post as models. Simple as that!

Fadeless Paper

My plan is for this board to keep on going…. All year long.

As you plan your decor for this school year, I’m here to tell you it’s way okay to be one and done – bulletin
boards are a time suck! Be creative to make that one sustainable for the year, and use Fadeless paper to be
successful with your mission.

Find all of my bulletin board materials on my Amazon storefront. Happy decorating!"

-Kristin from School and the City

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