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Creating a Social-Emotional Learning Bulletin Board with Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

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"Bulletin Boards aren’t something I use very often in my classroom. For one, we have some very small boards in our classroom and those are used for student work, our Instagram picture board, and our required focus wall. We don’t have boards outside of our classroom in the hallway, so we just hang stuff on the walls. So when Fadeless Paper reached out and asked if I would like to use their materials to create some boards, of course, I said yes because I love to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Also, as always, we never share products we haven’t used and if we use a product and don’t think it’s a good product, we don’t recommend it. After using the Fadeless Paper, I HIGHLY recommend it for all of your classroom needs.

Fadeless Paper

I am a big believer in keeping this simple. That’s the idea behind this welcome to school board. I wanted to
use a rainbow to highlight the amazing diversity of our school. And I wanted something that could remain
up all year. One of the great things about Fadeless paper is that it’s strong so it doesn’t fade or tear easily and
is very durable.

I used Fadeless Paper which came in a storage box for easy storage and tearing! I used these colors:
flame, orange, canary, green apple, royal blue, and purple. I had to trim each color to fit the board but this paper
cut so easily with no rips or tears. It’s so much better than the usual bulletin board paper we use. I added a
white Bordette border and used Pacon cardstock to make the letters.

Fadeless Paper

The finishing touch was adding pictures of my students. Our students and staff are what make our
schools great and I wanted to highlight them. The idea is that we can add every student and staff
member’s picture to the board at the beginning of the school year to highlight the incredible diversity
that makes our school a rainbow of possibilities. Imagine how excited kids and staff will be to see
themselves on our rainbow board?

Fadeless Paper

Fadeless Paper

You can also modify the board: you can feature a different grade level each month. You can also get
really ambitious and photograph students in the colors of the rainbow and add the pictures to the
colors on the board to make a rainbow of students and staff! But, guess what? This simple board
doesn’t have to be changed at all. Add all the pictures and you have a year-long board. As new
students arrive you add their pictures."

Check out the full video here!

-Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

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