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Creating A Ready, Set, Goal Bulletin Board With Kristin From School And The City

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"New year, new interactive bulletin board!

I’m sooo excited about this one – My students are going to love it, and yours will too!

Choose quality materials.

For this board, I decided to use Fadeless Paper in White Shiplap. For the border, I used black and metallic gold Bordette. (Find all the materials here.)

Fadeless Paper

Fadeless Paper is the way to go! It is high-quality, fade-resistant paper. It won’t fade after a month or so of sunlight exposure like typical butcher paper will. It’s also so thick and strong that it doesn’t rip nearly as easily, either, which was super important to keep in mind when it came to this particular project!

I’m confident that this bulletin board, lovingly decorated with Pacon’s Fadeless paper and Bordette, will hold strong alllll year, so I know my time and energy creating it is all worth it!

Fadeless Paper

Build the board.

Fadeless paper is quick and easy to hang. I like to roll it out on the floor to match the length of the bulletin board, then I cut the paper to size before hanging it up. Makes it so simple!

I do the same with the Bordette border. It’s so much easier than trying to align the shapes and patterns of those typical scalloped borders that come in a bunch of pieces.

Pro tip: If you’re layering border, do it first before you attach it to the bulletin board!

Fadeless Paper

Assemble the cups.

I truly used random things that I already had in my classroom: lollipops, rubber reading bracelets, and PBIS reward tickets. I also had my old treasure box still lying around, and some of that stuff was able to fit in the cups, too!

Watch Video Here.

Use your glue gun.

Hot glue will never go out of style!

To hang the cups, I simply lined the rim with hot glue and held it to the board for a few seconds. The cups are light, and the Fadeless paper is strong, so I know it will hold up well!

When students achieve a progress monitoring goal, they’ll have the opportunity to punch a cup and find some fun prizes inside! (Yes, I tested this! My only advice would be to only do one layer of tissue paper, not two like I did!)

Fadeless Paper

Find all of my bulletin board materials on my Amazon storefront. Happy decorating with Fadeless!"

-Kristin from School and the City

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