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Creating A Phonemic Awareness Bulletin Board With Kristin From School And The City

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Bulletin boards: Do you love them or hate them?

For me, it’s a bit of both!

As an instructional coach, I try to find fun but simple ways to add a little more literacy to students’ lives. I’ve created a few literacy-related bulletin boards in common spaces around the school.

The problem with hallway bulletin boards is that they get worn (or destroyed) quickly. Busy hallways bring lots of eyes to see engaging content, but also lots of curious little hands (and pencils, and erasers, and scissors… you know).

The fact is that regular butcher paper just doesn’t cut it when it comes to bulletin boards in busy hallways. It’s frustrating to see your hard work torn, ripped, or faded after just a few weeks when you are hoping it will last all year!

Enter: Fadeless® Paper!  It’s the best for creating eye-catching – but durable – bulletin boards. It is so high quality that it won’t fade after a month or so of sunlight exposure like typical butcher paper will. It’s also so thick that it doesn’t rip nearly as easily, either! It’s strong enough to withstand little fingers and anything you might want to glue on it.

Fadeless Paper

Now, what to put on it?

For the little kids in my hallway, I’m trying a phonemic awareness display this year.

I thought an interactive bulletin board to support literacy would be an engaging and purposeful addition to the K-1 hallway. I think they’ll love the “Sound It Out” phonemic awareness bulletin board that I’m hanging this year!

As we all learn more about the science of reading, we know that it’s imperative that students are able to recognize and manipulate the sounds within words. This is because the English language is arranged speech to print; Understanding speech sounds is a prerequisite to reading.

Get this resource for yourself in my TPT store.

My plan is for this board to keep on going…. All year long.

•    •    •    •    •    •   

As you plan your decor for this school year, I’m here to tell you it’s way okay to be one and done – bulletin boards are a time suck! Be creative to make that one sustainable for the year, and use Fadeless paper to be successful with your mission.

Find Fadeless paper and all of my bulletin board materials on my Amazon storefront. Happy decorating!

-Kristin from School and the City


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