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Changes in your Physical Classroom can go a long way in Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment

Tips to help address the needs of all types of learners

Inclusive classrooms are typically defined as classrooms designed to welcome students of all abilities to enable rich learning experiences that support the needs for each student.

Inclusive classrooms should reflect the experiences of all students, especially students with different social and economic backgrounds, native languages and learning abilities. Making sure a classroom is truly inclusive is critical to meet the unique social, emotional, and educational needs of your students.

Creating an inclusive classroom environment requires careful examination of every aspect of teaching, but there are support elements you can create in the physical classroom that can help make learning more engaging, challenging, and meaningful.

For example, we know that some students learn better in smaller groups. These smaller groups can help students feel more connected to each other and the lesson, even when they learn differently than their classmates. A study from Rutgers University suggests students engaged in group work show increased individual achievement while enhancing communication and development skills.

Fadeless Designs can help teachers create dedicated spaces for smaller groups. These small-group areas can also be used to facilitate learning through writing prompts about each area or including the theme into your curriculum. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Launch your students into a world of inspiration with our Galaxy Design and watch your students immerse themselves in the wonder of space exploration.
  • Create an adventure with our Tropical Foliage It is perfect for a nature-themed space and lessons on conservation and protecting the environment.
  • Celebrate your school spirit with our Team Sports Design to stress the importance of teamwork and working together toward a common goal.
  • Surround your students in a relaxing environment with the Under the Sea You can transport them to a tropical paradise, add in some calming ocean sounds, and use it to serve as a perfect setting to share and learn about ocean life and human interactions with the ocean
  • Sometimes students just need a quiet place to reflect and recharge their batteries. Our Wispy Clouds Design provides the perfect backdrop as a safe space for rejuvenation!

What types of changes have you made in your physical classroom to make it more inclusive? Share your thoughts in the comments, and head to our Inspiration Page for more ideas on how to make your students feel seen, heard, loved, and included by creating a space for joy and inclusiveness!

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