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The Benefits of a Classroom Décor Themes

Classroom Décor Ideas for a Unified Learning Environment

A classroom theme helps provide a visual personality for your classroom. Using décor that ties the room together can create a uniform and fun learning environment for your students. Themes can be almost anything, from a total classroom transformation to a desk, door, and bulletin board that all match. We know not everyone has time to change the entire room, so themes can be as involved or as simple as you prefer. A classroom theme benefits both teachers and students and can help build a connection  between the students and the classroom elements and environment.

For teachers, a theme is an opportunity for you to express your style, personality, and creativity. Additionally, a consistent theme gives you a solid foundation upon which to design your entire classroom and create a sense of connectivity. Last, your efforts will illustrate your dedication to your kids and be noticed by the students, parents, staff, and administration.

Here are a few ideas to consider for your classroom themes:

Camping Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

A camping theme allows you to bring the great outdoors right into your classroom! This theme is easy to achieve with Fadeless Designs Chalkboard Bulletin Board Paper and Bordette Apple Green Border. This fun bulletin board includes seasonal content, a calendar, activities for the day, and the opportunity for your students to contribute to the board by adding leaves, animals, tents and more.

Nothing says camping like Smores! You can create this cute and tasty board to extend your camping theme to a reading area with Fadeless Designs Natural Burlap Bulletin Board Paper and Black Bordette Border. The fire flames were created with Tru-Ray Construction Paper.

Pirate Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Ahoy…did you know September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day?  But why limit this to one day when a Pirate theme is so fun and simple to create with Fadeless Designs Black Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper. Let them create their own puppet to add to the board with Creativity Street Kraft Bags and Tru-Ray Construction Paper. Finish it by adding an eye-catching sparkle to the edges with Bordette Metallic Red Border.

We have another fun pirate-themed bulletin board you could create. This board uses our Fadeless Designs Shiplap  Bulletin Board Paper. You can turn the paper into a wooden ship sailing the sea of Blue Creativity Street Crepe Paper and backed with Fadeless Brite Blue Bulletin Board Paper. Personalize your message with UCreate Red Self-adhesive Letters and you and your students will be ready to hit the high seas!

Superheroes Bulletin Board Idea

Not all heroes wear capes! A superheroes classroom theme creates a fun learning environment and gives your students a chance to create their own superhero persona and their own special superpower! Superpowers don’t need to be super-human either… being nice to everyone, trying your best, and sharing can all be superpowers! This board is a great tool for social emotional learning with writing prompts to have your students celebrate and take pride in who they are and what makes them unique.

For this bulletin board, students can design their own superheroes and attach a picture of their faces to personalize this board. Featured products include a background of Fadeless Designs Night Sky Bulletin Board Paper buildings made from Tru-Ray Construction Paper and a border made from scrunched-up Lite Green ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper.

With these examples, you can see classroom décor themes are a great way to show your personality and get your students involved with making the classroom fun. Themes create the opportunity to use the décor to emphasize the lessons and bring them to life in a visual way. Even small changes can make a big difference! If you would like more ideas and inspiration, please visit our Inspiration Page.

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